Operating rules for the network of Students Hostels and Canteens of UPJS in Kosice

I. Fundamental provisions

1. Administrators of the network for the Student Hostel and Canteen of UPJS in Kosice (hereinafter referred to only as SHaC UPJS) located at Medicla ul. č 4 a 6, 04011 Kosice, tel. 055 643 3873-74 Fax: 055 643 1683 is SHaC UPJS in Kosice.

2. The SHaC UPJS network is a part of SAUNET network which consists of sub-networks of employees and students. Any user by signing an “Agreement on the use of network“ undersigns that he is familiar with these Operating Rules of the network for the Students Hostels of UPJS (hereinafter referred to only as the Operating Rules) and the operating rules of the SAUNET and SANET networks. At the same time, he or she undertakes to follow these operating rules.

II. Definitions

The following terms shall be defined for the purpose of these operating rules:

1. “network“ shall be understood to mean a computer network established within the SH Medická 4 a 6 including its technical and software facilities (mobile and fixed cables, outlets, mouldings, switches, HUBs etc.).

2. “information distributor“ (ID) constitutes an active element situated in the network, network means of which are available for network users and which is fully administered by the SHaC UPJS netwok administrator – it constitutes a controlled interface between the communication system of the SAUNET network and local network SHaC,

3. “user“ shall mean everyone authorised to use network facilities (through fixed connection to or through server user accout within the SAUNET network).

III. Rights and resposibilities of network users

1. User shall bear the full responsibility for any activity generated from his computer on the network or from server of the network SAUNET, at which he has established a user accout.

2. User shall have the right to:

  • a.) use, to the full extent, all network services authorised by the Agreement on the use of the network,
  • b.) in case of breakdown, in connection with the network, notify the respective network administrator and request a remedy, during working hours,
  • c.) request the cancellation of the Agreement on the network use, or its change, regarding the extent of network services provided or regarding the name of the computer,
  • d.) raise questions with the network administrator regarding the network operation,
  • e.) be informed of reasons for network breakdown or outage.

3. User must not:

  • a.) change the name of the computer to other than the filed with the network administrator,
  • b.) change the IP address assigned by the network administrator (through the DHCP server) or MAC address to other than one on file with the network administrator,
  • c.) make interventions to the network installation and connect devices not approved by the network administrator,
  • d.) damage any component parts of the computer network,
  • e.) continuously overload the network,
  • f.) restrict or harass other users through his conduct on the network,
  • g.) engage in any activity or disseminate information, which could lead to the criminal prosecution,
  • h.) in any way acquire information from other users, that they themselves do not provide,
  • i.) use or propagate software, which woud in some way undermine security and privacy of other users,
  • j.) use the network for commercial purposes or disseminate information of advertising character,
  • k.) provide network services to third persons (e.g. use NAT for connection of another computer).

4. User shall be required to:

  • a.) abide by the notices published on the www server www.intrak.upjs.sk in the Announcements section,
  • b.) inform the network administrator of the configuration change of the computer with regard to the network (e.g. change of the network card),
  • c.) consult a greater than usual data transmission outside the local network with the network administrator,
  • d.) compensate the full extent of the damage to property, for which he is resposible,
  • e.) when justified, allow access to the network administrator onto the premises where the computer or network cables are located.

5. Network activity of the users shall be monitored and may be recorded for the purpose of protection of the network and used as proof of breach of these operating rules.

6. In the case of violation of some of the provisions of these operating rules, according to gravity of the infringement, one of the following measures or their combination may be imposed on the user:

  • a.) disconnection of the user´s computer from the network,
  • b.) permanent disconnection of the user from the network, including loss of all user rights,
  • c.) disciplinary measure for disciplinary transgression at the level of faculty of UPJS.

7. Written proposal for the imposision of a measure, under paragraph 6 of this Article, on the initiative of an employee of UPJS entrusted with the network administration, shall be submitted by the director of the SHaC of UPJS, to the dean of relevant faculty who will rule on the proposal.

8. Until the time the decision on the proposal of the director of SHaC of UPJS for the imposition of a measure is made by, the dean of relevant faculty, or by the rector of UPJS, the employee entrusted with the network administration has the right to temporarily disconnect the user´s computer from the network.

9. Decision of the dean of the relevant faculty, with regard to the imposition of a measure under Section 6 of this Article may be challenged by submission of an application for review of the decision for the imposition of measure, at UPJS in Kosice, through the relevant faculty within the period of 8 days from its delivery.

10. The dean of the faculty in question may aceed to the request for review of the decision and change or cancel the decision. In case the dean rejects the request, he or she forwards it to the rector. The rector reviews the decision and consequently:

  • a.) changes or cancels the decision,
  • b.) confirms the decision and rejects the request.

IV. Final provisions

These operating rules shall become effective as of the date of signature by the rector of UPJS and shall take effect on 25 October 2004.



prof. JUDr. Vladimír Babčák, CSc.

rector UPJS